• Non-allergenic - momomer free
  • Lightweight & transparent
  • Extremely durable and flexible
  • Comes in different shades
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage


Indications: Any removable partial, full denture, unilateral partial and combination partials

Our dental lab specializes in thermoplastic partials.  Thermoplastic partials are specially designed for both esthetics and functionality.  TCS and Valplast are monomer-free that can be used for any removable partials, full dentures, and unilateral partials.  They can also be used in combination with cast metal frame partials.  It's made from a thermoplastic nylon resin that comes in different shades and flexibilities (clear, light pink, pink, medium meharry, dark meharry).  Because they are lightweight andflexiteshade transparent, they will blend perfectly with your patient's gums.  All of our thermoplastic partials come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage.


Flexite is a registered trademark of the Flexite Corporation.  Valplast is a registered trademark of Valplast International

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