• Non-Allergenic (nickel and berillium free)
  • Comes with premium 3 layered, Italian teeth
  • Heat cured Lucitone 199TM for ultimate esthetics
  • Comfortable and accurate fit
  • Vitallium 2000 upgrade available*


Indications: Any removable partialmetalcombo

Continental Dental Lab is proud to offer a full line of removable prosthetics made with premium teeth and heat-cured Lucitone 199.
Our partials are designed lighter and more flexible for easier clasp adjustments.  Our premium chrome cobal alloy is nickel and berillium-free so it won't cause any discomfort or irritation to patients with allergies.  Partials are made from heat-cured Lucitone 199TM and with premium high wear-resistant 3-layered Italian teeth. 

*Additional charges for Vitallium metal may apply




Vitallium is a registered trademark and licensed to Austenal, Inc.

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