luxer crown monoSpecifications:

  • NEW!  Beautiful incisal and gingival shading down to the core. 
  • Unlike other "mono" shaded zirconia crowns, our Premium Solid Zirconia crowns are not "dipped" or "dyed".  This allows for greater color consistency all the way through and will not discolor even after making occlusal adjustments.
                            • Stronger and more "natural looking" than other zirconia restorations
                                                  • Won't chip or crack


Conservative preparation, as thin as 0.5mm with feather edge margins, similar to full cast gold restorations

Single unit crowns and bridges (recommended for posterior restorations)

Our Premium Solid Zirconia restorations are more esthetic than posterior metal occlusal PFM's and full cast crowns.  They are ideal for bruxers and grinders who have destroyed other restorations.  Solid zirconia restorations are 100% digitally scanned and milled for optimum accuracy and esthetics.  Because there is no porcelain overlay, these restorations are incredibly strong and will not fail in the mouth. 


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