Luxer 3 Shaded Solid Zirconia wide 060613

3 Shaded Solid Zirconia Bridge 072213Tag Metalic    Specifications:

    • Superior Strength > 1250 MPa
    • Consisent, beautiful color down to the core 
    • 3 shaded solid zirconia  - not dipped or dyed
    • Won't discolor even after making occlusal adjustments
    • More esthetic than traditional zirconia restorations
    • Easy to polish chairside 


    Indications: Single unit crowns and bridges, or custom fit
     to partials


    Cementation: Traditional cementation


Pictured above: LuxerTM (top)  vs. Traditional Zirconia
Restoration (bottom).  Note: These restorations have not been
retouched, stained, polished, or dyed

 Completely NEW, unlike other traditional zirconia restorations our LuxerTM crowns will not discolor.  Made from a pre-shaded solid zirconia block, these restorations achieve beautiful, consistent color down to the core.  (They are not dipped or dyed).  This alleviates any discoloration or "white" spots during chairside adjustments.  It is easy to polish chairside without having to send it back to the laboratory. 



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