CEREC Connect Acquisition Center - Pictured Below

cerecchairsideAs part of the CEREC Connect network, our dental laboratory is able to produce accurate restorations based on your scanned digital impressions.

As part of the growing trend of digital dentistry, we can accept digital files of your scanned impressions to make your final restorations.  Whether you choose to mill them yourself or prefer to have us design and finish your restoration is up to you... With so many material choices available, you can now offer your patients more esthetic choices from zirconia restorations, glass dislicates (i.e. emax), to pfm's it's all possible using digital technology.

Save time and money:   the digital impression generated saves time and reduces your labor costs. Plus there's no additional fee to join the network or upload digital impression files.

Increase patient comfort: patients prefer digital impressions over traditional impression trays and setting times

Superior precision and speed: contributes to more accurate impressions and less remakes.

No models and no shipping: save on shipping costs to the lab, and no more messy models.  With digital files and restorations, you are guaranteed a perfect fit everytime.

CEREC Connect is a registered trademark of Sirona

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