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Continental Dental is  proud to announce that we are a digitally enabled laboratory, and support most major dental impression systems (3M ESPE, CEREC by Sirona, Cadent Itero and 3shape, and other stl files).   With the advancement of technology, we stay up to date with the latest digital dental solutions and so can you!  By partnering with Continental Dental Laboratories you will be able to offer top of the line solutions for your patients and create a streamlined workflow that will reduce the time and cost of treatment.  Replace conventional impression taking with cutting edge technology.  Contact us today and let us help you create efficiency and excellence at your dental practice.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry:
1.) Improved efficiency - both cost, time, and fewer remakes
2.) Improved accuracy and overall patient comfort compared to traditional methods
3.) A high level of predictibility

CEREC Connect is the world's largest digital network and growing.  The vast number of digital restorations produced is growing rapidly and has surpassed many other systems.  Digital impression-taking in combination with Sirona Connect is an innovatine process that delivers optimum precision.  The image data is captured with one of three intraoral scanners (CEREC AC with Omnican, CEREC AC with Bluecam, or APOLLO DI) and converted into a virtual 3D model and then transmitted via the internet to our dental laboratory.  To get more information about Sirona Connect and how to incorporate this technology into your dental practice call us to walk you through the process.  If you are already a Sirona user, just add us to your 'favorite lab' page. 

More and more dentists are using digital impresion taking systems because the new technology provides easy impression taking, better clinical results, increased patient satisfaction, and rapid return on investment (ROI).  With TRIOS technology, innovations allow dentists realize complete digital workflows, take great impressions, and enjoy a realm of new business opportunities.  After you register your practice with 3Shape, call Continental Dental Laboratory and we can walk you through the digital connect process.

Cadent ITero

An accurate impression is fundamental to a successful outcome in restorative dentistry.  Digital impression procedures deliver: exceptional image accuracy and improved patient comfort and experience.  Advanced technology makes intraoral scanning easy and efficient.  To connect with Continenal Dental Laboratory, be sure add us on your 'favorite lab' page.

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