• 1440 MPa Proven High Strength
  • 5 year clinical study with 100% survival rate
  • Patented substructure available in 8 different shades
  • Requested 3X more than the leading brand
  • Comes with barcoded authenticity label


Indications: Single unit crowns and bridges

Cementation: For conventional cementation - use a glass ionomer cement (i.e. KetecTM Cem) or for self adhesive cementation please use 3M RelyX Unicem.

For additional information, please see page 14 in the Prep and Handling Guide (on the left)


Our dental laboratory specializes in lava crowns and lava bridges.  We are an authorized 3M ESPE Lava Milling Center.  That means each lava crown is barcoded for authenticity and is made from the finest zirconia available.  Lava Zirconia restorations are an ideal alternative to porcelain-fused-to metal (PFM) restorations.  The ziroconium oxide achieves the beauty and translucency of natural teeth.  Over time, metal restorations can leave a dark metal margin where the gums recede.  With Lava zirconia, it produces strong durable restorations and retains its original beauty for years.  It is a much better alternative for those patients who have concerns about metal.


  LavaTM is a registered trademark of 3M ESPE


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