Luxer "3 Shaded" Full Zirconia

Luxer is our patented "3 Shaded" zirconia that exhibits beautiful gingival, dentin, and incisal shading down to its core.  

  •      Will not discolor or show "white"          spots, even after occl. adjustments
  •      Can easily be polished chairside
  •      Available in 16 VITA shades
  •      Beautiful color down to its core

    20digitaldiscount regprice
    (any full zirconia or emax restoration)

Zirconia and Emax Polishing Kit

 DiamondDuck forWeb 04-1Exclusively ours!  Our uniquely formulated diamond discs are designed to cut faster and last longer than other diamond instruments. They are ideal for cutting and polishing all-ceramic restorations, especially Zirconia and E.max.  Now you can adjust and polish your zirconia restorations chairside! 

Roland PNGBryan Doviack, CIO on Dental Milling Technology

"Named - Top 5 California Dental Labs "
 Life-Like Costmetic Solutions

"Recently we tried in a partial fabricated by your laboratory for our patient. In practicing for 35 years, this was the most sophisticatedly designed and most beautifully executed partial that I have ever been more proud to deliver.  Thank you all so much!" 
Joseph D, DDS (New York)

"Some of the best margins I have ever seen.  Chairtime 10 minutes."
Daren B., DDS (New Hampshire)
"This was the best bridge work we have ever cemented in this office.  Thank you."
Gregory H., DDS (Texas)

"I just wanted to thank you and the entire team that truly make my job a whole lot easier with the quality of products that I receive."
 Stanley S.,DDS (Arizona)

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